Book Review: Live from London by Parinda Joshi

Title: Live from London
Author: Parinda Joshi
Publisher: Rupa and Co
ISBN: 978-8129118233
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 3.5/5

Live from London by Parinda Joshi is a fast read. In 204 pages, the author expresses herself and the plot excellently and that is what is needed in this type of a book. And let me clarify one thing: Live from London is not a chick-lit book. It probably cannot be termed as literary fiction for sure, however it isn’t your run-of-the-mill girl-centric novel, and that is certain.

Live from London is about an aspiring singer Nishi Singh and her struggle to make it big in the music industry. The story is set in London. Nishi has big dreams of becoming a singer through the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent”, where she is humiliated by the judges on account of her performance. The story continues as Nishi is determined on making her mark in the British Music Industry, no matter what it takes.

Along the way readers meet varied characters such as Nick Navjot Chapman – a half Indian, half Canadian singer who oozes oodles of charm and paves the way for Nishi to become a singer. However circumstances land Nishi in India and she has to struggle to keep her dream alive.

My take on the book was that it is a refreshing change from the innumerable books penned by Indian authors on the scene today. This book did make sense to me in some parts and I enjoyed the wit and sarcasm that seeped in at times. Live from London is an easy read. One doesn’t have to think too hard or assimilate a lot of information in order to understand it.

Live from London has a great storyline. At times I felt that the narrative was rushed but that I can overlook if the overall structure is good enough. This book is nonetheless a breezy read if you want a break from the literary fiction genre.


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