Book Review: I Never Thought I Could Fall in Love by Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu

Title: I Never Thought I Could Fall in Love
Author: Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu
Publisher: Penguin India
ISBN: 978-0-143-41502-2
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 156
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3/5

“I Never Thought I Could Fall in Love”, is not literary fiction and doesn’t claim to be as well. It is one those books that can safely be classified as pop fiction and rightly so. I picked it up mainly to get rid of my reading block and I must say that it did take me out of it and move to the genre I like reading best.

Nonetheless it is a breezy book and can be finished in less than an hour and at the same time enjoyable to a certain extent. The story is set in the Punjab University at Chandigarh and yes it is centred on teenagers and their lifestyles and sometimes the consequences of their unintentional actions.

Ronnie – a young lad from Patiala has nothing on his mind but cricket, girls, bikes and sex. He wants to move out from Patiala and wants his parents to be proud of him. The move comes in the form of a Mechanical Engineering Course at the Punjab University in Chandigarh, where he ends up meeting Mickey – another one just like him and they become best friends. The book centres on Ronnie finding his true love during the turmoil ridden years of examinations and classes and how he woos his lady love, even if it means getting involved with criminals.

One can easily relate to the antics of being a teenager – the first look, the first sexual encounter, the anxiousness of exams, the going away from the hostel to meet girls, the ragging and the mess food. The writing is good, and the author has got some potential. Though the plot is thin, the book is great for an hour’s flight journey. I would not recommend it as a literary fiction gem because it isn’t that and I guess the author did not want it to be that anyway. All said and done I would recommend it as a light read.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: I Never Thought I Could Fall in Love by Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu

  1. madan waghmare

    Entertaining book. good story. very easy language,thank you for that. overall GOOD BOOK. with this story of the book,a movie can be made with some changes in screenplay.


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