Book Review: Beyond the MBA Hype: A Guide to Understanding and Surviving B-Schools by Sameer Kamat

Title: Beyond the MBA Hype: A Guide to Understanding and Surviving B-Schools
Author: Sameer Kamat
Publisher: Harper Business, Harper Collins India
ISBN: 978-9350290781
Genre: Business
Pages: 200
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4/5

Sameer Kamat’s “Beyond the MBA Hype: A Guide to Understanding and Surviving B-Schools” comes as a welcome addition to the world of books. The reason I say this is while growing up we didn’t have such books to refer to. There was no hand-holding so to say. You were thrown in the big bad world and you either swam through or drowned. There was no direction.

MBA has been an integral part of the Indian Education System (or so it seems on the surface). Parents have always encouraged their children to pursue Master of Business Administration as “that’s where the money is”, and with education being turned into a battlefield everyone jumps on wearing their armour, assuming that they are ready for battle. However, it is a total different ball when the applications are turned in. The very optimistic and confident students are baffled when they don’t get accepted. Questions swarm the mind: Where did I go wrong? What could have been done better? What was wrong with my essay, so on and so forth.

Sameer Kamat’s book tries to provide direction to how to get into a B-School and understand its working. He lists down the essentials needed to impress the admission committee: What is it that they want? They do not want someone who knows business like the back of his hand, but the basics are needed. The necessary GMAT Score is much needed and wanted by B-Schools. They tend to gauge the candidate’s 50% of brain power through this.

Communication skills are the next thing they look for. The essays are the crux at this stage. What should it contain? What should it convey? How should it be written? All of that and most importantly the clarity and the length of the essay. Last but not the least what is required is Creativity. The ability to do things differently as the cliché goes.

Sameer Kamat does a wonderful job of explaining the nitty-gritties of getting in though I feel that it could have been fleshed out better. The list of common clichés is well laid out and will exactly tell the candidate what not to do. I found the book to be an effective handbook of sorts to gear the candidate and may be to a certain extent also gives hope for that entry into a B-School.

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