Daily Archives: April 22, 2011

On Moving On

This is something I have written after a long time. Something that belongs to me. Hope you enjoy it.

And then the pain will end. It has to somewhere; it cannot go on forever, can it? These were my thoughts when I started the day. Random and quite meaningless thoughts if you ask me. I mean everyone goes through it – the pain, the longing and the time when it feels that you cannot handle it anymore and yet we surprise ourselves the way we never imagined. The Human Race is adept at it – the moving on, though we like to believe we cannot and never will. We cry, we laugh, we get depressed, we make up stories, we think the pain will go on and before you know it – you are over it. There is no love anymore and you are left wondering, where did it all disappear – is there a bottomless hole for past feelings, where they are transported magically?

You think you will not move on, you will not be able to fall in love again, till the next party is attended by you after four months and you meet someone else. The pain you felt no longer exists. Yes you think of things you did together, the places remind you of the person, but that is all there is to it. You shrug it as mere co-incidence; after all, new memories have to be created, right? New places have to be visited. New dinners to be eaten. The same jokes and incidents have to be wrapped up in new guises and spoken about. The newness is fun, isn’t it? The old doesn’t come to haunt you ever, does it? Everything is bright and shiny. There is nothing you can do about it, you think to yourself.

Time passes. Life sets into a routine. The new person has become old. There is a bond. You are a new person too, come to think of it. New identities have been created. New loves have been forged. Newness in the air once again. The person you used to yearn for is now the beloved “ex”. The one who used to exist. The one who once managed to bring a smile to your face has now been replaced. See: moving on is easy, isn’t it? Years pass. Like I said the new has settled into becoming the old. There is this urge yet again. To experience the new. To feel the zsa zsa zsoo that you felt earlier. The old is somehow here to stay. You do not need the old. You want the new. You are certain you will move on…yet again…