Girl Plus One by Rhea Saran

Two best friends, living in with a boy who is protective, a job to die for and bosses who can’t take their eyes off her; this is Laila’s life. Sexy, hot and suave Laila has a job that suits her extroverted personality. After finishing her schooling in Manhattan, Laila takes up a job at a magazine Guyzone and dons the role of a sex expert for her new column. Wherever she is, she always manages to attract men and may be not the right kind at all times.

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After breaking up with her boyfriend who has been cheating on her, she decides to stay away from relationships. Her roommate is a freelance photographer, and he soon becomes a part of the Guyzone anniversary edition. Laila knows her strengths and weaknesses and soon becomes the centre of attraction even at her workplace. Frequent meetings with her friends serve as breathers in her hectic life as they fill in the role of advisors and ego boosters. Laila’s life is a roller-coaster ride and very soon she gets caught in a web she needs to extricate herself from.

Laila is in love with Sameer; her ex- boyfriend Rahul still likes her; Karam whom she had dumped is now dating her best friend and, to make matters worse, her flatmate is in love with her. Laila is torn between love, lust, passion and emotions. And she needs to decide…alone.

The book has well essayed characters as they are fleshed out neatly. Rhea Saran made sure that their traits match the characters thereby making them people we can relate to. The conversations, meeting joints, Laila’s trip to France, and the restaurants are so vivid that you can see yourself as a bystander right there!

 Girl Plus One; Saran, Rhea; Random House India; Rs. 199

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