Oprah’s Book Club

So while a majority of the world’s readers criticise Oprah’s Book Club, I am all for it. I really am and there are times I love keeping track of what she picks and what is in store for me to read. I started watching Oprah only because of the Book Club and I am quite proud to say that. People may dis her and the club all the time, however I remember at one point she used to distribute the book chosen as the Club book to everyone in the studio audience, and that is a lot. To give people a chance to read.

Not that only that, she and her team have also distributed books to schools and children alike. I will always support someone who wants to instill the habit of reading in others. It is beyond a noble act and she must be commended for that.

Coming to her picks, while I agree that initially her books were all fluffy and made no sense, yet people read and that is what matters at the end of the day. So this post is dedicated to what Oprah (according to me) does best…Makes people read…Thanks Oprah!

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