Another Gulmohar Tree by Aamer Hussein

So while I hadn’t heard of Aamer Hussein as a writer, or had come to discover his works, my journey has truly begun with a brilliant book, written by him, called “Another Gulmohar Tree”. There is magic in the book, that seeps and mingles with the lush descriptions of Karachi and London – two cities, two people, two cultures and a single love story that binds it all. A tapestry of a marriage – as it threatens to fall apart and how after all its only love that binds.

The book is somewhere between a novel and a novella I think and that hardly mattered. The first 40-odd pages left me breathless – there were parables that would only reveal themselves later in the book. The plot is simple: Usman, a writer, is visting London from Pakistan to work for The Telegraph for a year. He meets Lydia, an aspiring artist and is immediately drawn to her thoughts and her. They find comfort in each other – a familiar sense of being, both just out of failed marriages.

Usman heads back to Pakistan and is joined by Lydia two years later, only to end up marrying her. Thus starts their journey, of her getting accustomed to a new place and of his getting to know the “new’ her.

The book is written simply. I love the simplicity – a simple emotion like love does not require complex words anyway. A description of a Gulmohar tree is enough. The knowing between a couple is sufficient, and sometimes just taking comfort in the fact that two people who love each other enough and more are together is what this book is all about. A love that truly binds.

Another Gulmohar Tree is available by Penguin India. ISBN: 9780143067399; Rs. 225

To learn more about the author, please visit:

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