On Lending

So I have made a decision after weighing all the pros and cons, after giving it too much thought, after being aware that I might lose some friends and yet the decision has been made: I shall not lend books anymore. Why? Because people who borrow books must learn how to return them after reading, which sadly enough they don’t. I do not think I have it in me to lend my precious ones again to anyone, this includes my boyfriend as well.

I am done with people who borrow books and do not return them. I am done with the likes of those as well who borrow and return the book not in the condition that you lent it to begin with. Why do people do this? I will never know. I once had this friend (point to be noted that he is being referred to in the past tense) whose name is SaiVijay. I met him in Hyderabad and made the mistake of lending him my precious babies one of which was a personally signed book by an author whose name I forget. The point being: He never bothered to return my books. I was livid. I cut all ties.

Another one of these in the line was an ex-trainee from IBM Daksh whose name I shall not mention here, who had the gall to borrow almost a dozen of my books and yes you are right. She did not return them. I hounded her. I chased her. Without avail. There are no two ways about this one: Books are not meant to be lent. I lent books at one time thinking that everyone had the right to read and may be it would be great if I was the catalyst. Yes everyone does have the right to read, however one should not forget to return books. That is fair and sqaure. I have learnt my lessons. Two friends (or rather acquaintances) were enough to make me realize. Never again.

1 thought on “On Lending

  1. Dominique

    Ugh I can sympathise with you! Lending books can be so annoying. I only lend to two friends who I know take relatively good care of my books and eventually return them. Once I made the mistake of lending another friend a copy of 1984 in perfect condition and she returned it WITH A COFFEE CUP RING ON THE COVER and it looked decades old it was so tatty. Never again!!


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